Zu Oddworld Abes Oddysee: New ´n´Tasty ist bald ein neuer Patch zum Download bereit. Dieser bringt einige Verbesserungen mit sich, unter anderem, einen nun möglichen Framerate Lock bei 30 fps. Zuvor gab es diesen nicht, und das Spiel hat immer wieder Einbrüche in der Framerate gehabt, was zu einem schlechteren Spielerlebnis geführt hat.

Außerdem kann man Oddworld Abes Oddysee: New ´n´Tasty dann auch in Deutschland für Xbox One herunterladen.

Hier haben wir noch einmal die kompletten Patch Notes für euch. Bitteschön!

1.01 A / Optional 30fps frame-rate cap

We’re happy to announce that we’re offering players the option to cap the frame-rate at 30 frames per second, via a Settings switch. The game normally runs at an unlocked frame-rate, but feedback suggested some players prefer the option to cap it at 30 so it doesn’t go higher, so there’s now an option to do just that on Xbox One, in the Settings > Graphics menu on the front-end.

1.01 B / Australian, New Zealand and German release

Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty will be launching on Xbox One in Australia and New Zealand shortly after the patch releases, and the game will also return to the German Xbox Games Store. We’d like to apologize for the hold-up in these territories, and hope you enjoy the game when it releases there very soon.

1.01 C / Improved lighting relating to gunfire

The game will now feature improved dynamic lighting and shadows when Sligs fire their guns.

1.01 D / Controller deadzone issue

Finally, we had the deadzone setting for the Xbox One’s analog sticks a little too low, which meant for a small number of players the game was twitchy and overly responsive. This has been resolved in 1.01.


Please note: there remains an issue relating to game progress potentially not being saved correctly when the game is suspended and the Xbox One is rebooted – which we highlighted shortly after launch. To avoid this happening, ensure you quit the game fully – so that the New ‘n’ Tasty logo and picture of Abe replace the in-game screen when suspended – when you have finished playing New ‘n’ Tasty.

We are working to fix this issue.